Apple Company Organizational Structure

Topics: Apple Inc., Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak Pages: 4 (1244 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Organizational Design and Structure:
Apple’s Structure
Ciara Smith
MGM 255, Colorado Technical University


In this paper I will discuss the six key elements of an organization’s structure as well as identify and diagram 1 organizational structure that can be applied to Apple. I will also, analyze 1 strategy that seems to be working well for Apple and 1 that needs improvement. Additionally, I will discuss how the organizational structure will help reinforce what is working well and what needs to be improved.

The six key elements of an organization’s structure are:

Work Specialization, Departmentalization, Chain of Command, Span of Control, Centralization and Decentralization, and Formalization.

Work Specialization is dividing work activities into separate job task. Individual employees “specialize” in doing part of an activity rather than the entire activity in order to increase work output.

Departmentalization is how jobs are grouped together so work gets done in a coordinated and integrated way.

Chain of Command is the line of authority extending from upper organizational levels to lower levels, which clarifies who reports to whom.

Span of Control is the number of employees a manager can efficiently and effectively manage.

Centralization and Decentralization
Centralization is the degree to which decision-making takes place at upper levels of the organization Decentralization the ability of lower level employees to provide input or actually make decisions

Formalization is how standardized an organization’s jobs are and the extent to which employee behavior is guided by rules and procedures. Apple’s Organizational structure begins with the Board of Directors who oversees the Chief Executive Officer and other senior management in the competent and ethical operation of Apple on a day-to-day basis and assures that the long-term interests of shareholders are being served. The upper management of Apple...
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