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  • Published : May 5, 2011
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Channel Audit Project Progress Report for Apple Company (focusing on IPhone products)

Tasks has been allocated to each member of the group and communication is maintained for the flow of the report. The group meeting is held once a week and the rest of the communications are achieved through mostly Emails. We have performed primary research through surveys and focus groups and secondary research which is mostly from press articles and electronic databases and journals

We have performed half of the part from the table of contents. We have finished the Apple Business Descriptions including the SWOT Analysis and Apple distribution strategy, the Organisations Channel Environment which includes the environmental characteristics and constraints and, the Organisation Channel which consist of the Service Output Demand template, channel intensity, etc. We are now on the next part of the project which is the Gap Analysis. We have done some research on this and are working on the demand -side gaps and supply- side gaps. However, we still have inadequate information to make a precise report on this part. Therefore, a further research needs to be done. We are aiming to finish assessing the channel performance (Part 5- Gap Analysis) on the 4th of May before we proceed to the next part of the report. Our group has also collected most of the information on the Channel Power and Conflict and is looking forward to finish the Channel Power section on the 7th of May.

Schedule for next steps of the report

We are aiming to finish the sections on the following dates:

|Date |Topic | |04/05/2011 |Gap Analysis | |07/05/2011 |Power, Conflict and Channel Coordination...
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