Apple Change the Rules of the Game

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  • Published : December 26, 2012
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The world as we know is changing second after second. New inventions are taking place and room for the older ones is diminishing. So if Apple Inc. is to survive in the competitive market which is created by its own hands and still be a winner or leader or the innovator behind the change every time with something new, which is no doubt a difficult task, have to adopt the same strategy as of Jobs. After every product Jobs have invented something new and merged it with its existing technology and giving a challenge to rest of the players to try to make something like it. Even after Jobs the company could still live, but to live like a Lion or the king of Innovative industry, Apple have to bring something new every-time to be a game changer otherwise someone else will claim the throne. Steve Jobs, noted one analyst at mid-decade, “has created a fusion of fashion, brand, industrial design and computing. . . . if he is to successfully revamp Apple, Jobs will ultimately win not by taking PC Rivals directly, but by changing the rules of the game.” Could apple truly “change the rules” of the game in computing and in next-generation devices? And could it retain its innovative edge even after Jobs---The man who had “changed the rules” for the company again and again---was no longer at its helm?

Talking about the main part of the discussion is the “change the rules”. No doubt Jobs have changed the rules of the entire game by combining various variables that were once used separately and was thought that they couldn’t be merged. Those things which were at some stage were imaginary in its nature, Jobs have made it a reality by giving everyone a computer in their hands with a touch of fashion. As the above case was published covering the time till 2008, so the predictions given by the author came true that a PC Manufacturer took PC Rivals directly head-on by changing the rules of the game. At this stage he also asks another question that could Apple...
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