Apple Case Study - 12

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Apple Case Study - 12

By | Feb. 2011
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Executive Summary
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple on April 1, 1976. The two shared interests in consumer electronics that paved way to the introduction of Apple in the Personal Computer Industry. Jobs were the skilled salesperson and visionary while Woz was the curious technical genius. Woz developed his own homemade computer and Jobs saw its commercial potential. After selling around 200 units, Jobs and Woz sought financing to sell their improved version, the Apple II. They found their financier in Mike Markkula, who in turn hired Michael Scott to be CEO. The company introduced the Apple II in 1977. Once the Apple II came with VisiCalc, the ancestor of the modern spreadsheet program, sales increased dramatically. In 1979, Apple initiated three projects in order to stay ahead of the competition: 1) the Apple III – their business oriented machine, 2) the Lisa –conceived as a high-end machine, and 3) Macintosh- as a low-end machine. By the end of 1980, Apple had sold over 100,000 Apple II’s, making the company leader in the emergent PC industry. In the fall of 1980, the company released the Apple III to the public and was a commercial flop. It was too expensive and had several design flaws that made a failure. Apple introduced a reengineered Apple III in 1981, but it continued to be outsold by Apple II. Several management conflicts arise in the making of two projects, Lisa and Macintosh. Jobs made an attempt to control the Lisa project, Mike Scott unimpressed pulled him off the project. Jobs, in turn insisted himself to be part of the Macintosh team. By 1981, Scott left the company after clashes with other executives. Markkula stepped into his position as CEO. Later, John Sculley a former vice president of marketing at Pepsi had been hired as CEO. In August 1981, IBM released their PC. Unimpressed and unafraid, Apple welcomed IBM to the PC market. Macintosh certainly captured the market after it was being introduced in the market in 1984. It...

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