Apple's Success Story

Topics: IPhone, Apple Inc., App Store Pages: 2 (637 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Apple has recently hit the 25 billion app download that has surpassed within the short amount of 5 years. Ever since the introduction of the first iPhone, Steve Jobs CEO of Apple and the crew behind the making of the system introduced to the world a application app called the "App Store". The App Store which did not only produce the next biggest thing, it produced a worldwide entertainment of fun. Making into the world of the app store, Steve Jobs created the app store to download various apps from different companies and customers could purchase them at will. With this set in mind, many companies produced the amount of time and effort to make the apps using with the iphones intuitive touch screen technology and the iOS system running behind the scenes creating endless hours of entertainment and fun. “With 550,000 apps available on the App Store, that means that we end up with a 45,455 average download rate per app, at least if we go by the latest statistics provided by the Cupertino-based technology giant. Obviously that isn't the case for many developers, but it shows that some of the top earners are doing wonders for the ecosystem as a whole. Using the same data, the App Store is currently growing at a rate of roughly 48.6 million app downloads per day. It puts Apple on track to hit 15 billion downloads per year in 2012.” –Matt Brian "The Next Web via USA Today"

Many apps today for the app store are truly one in a million as there are over 550,000 apps and counting. There has been a lot of the research and the time for developers to understand how the app works, what they app they can make do, and with the iOS system, the apps are easy to produce and to create. As part of a example of the ever popularity of Angry Birds, created by the company Rovio the company has produced many hits of sales that all the direction towards them was growing popular and ever increasing popular that would produce one of today’s greatest hits and it’s all...
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