Apple's Manufacturing Strategy

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Apple Inc. or previously Apple Computer Inc. is a company in Silicon Valley running businesses dealing with computer. Apple revolutionized desktop computer in around 1970 with Apple II and Macintosh in around 1980. Nowadays, Apple is popular in hardware products such as I-Mac, I-Pod, I-Phone and online I-Tune store. Apple Computer Inc. has established from cooperation between Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. They have been introduced the desktop computer businesses revolution around 1970 by inventing the Apple I which had the selling price of 666.66$. The following year, the company has introduced the Apple II which was the best selling computer at the time. It has opened the new era for microcomputer and set up the standard for all microcomputer.

Apple Inc. is a multinational company with products ranging from electronic gadgets, computer software, iPhone, iPod and iPad. The software which Apple has developed Mac OS X has the best operating system for personal computers. The multimedia software, iTune, uses to play medias such as songs, TV programs, movies. Lately, it has expended its application for reading electronic books. Moreover, it has iLife which is the software using to built and store many medias such as movies, photos, websites and iWork using for a variety of documentations. Lately, Apple has introduced iOS operating system which was extracted from MAC OS X for using with mobile products such as iPhone, iPod, iPod touch, iPad. Moreover, Apple Inc. has 301 different stores worldwide for responding customer demands.

Apple has been established in 1, April, 1976 and has had shareholders in 3, January, 1977. Formerly, Apple Computer, Inc. has used this name for more than 30 years. However, lately the word “ Computer “ has been cut out from the name in 9, January, 2007.Reflecting the fact that the company has growing to move into market for consumer electronics. On 25, September, 2010 Apple has 46,600 full time and 2,800 part time employees. It has an annual sale of $65,230,000,000. Apple has a unique reputation in the consumer electronic industry. This includes customer base which is devoted to the company. And it’s brand especially in the US. Fortune magazine has voted the Apple for the rank the most admired brand among all the company in the US in 2008 and the world in 2008, 2009 and 2010. The company has acquired a wide controversy over labor contractors, environmental and business practices.

Keeping the workplace free from hazard and safe is the priority to Apple’s supplier for introducing new manufacturing processes and techniques. Not only suitable protective tool, safety guidelines, safety kits but also comprehensive updated training for workers must be provided. Urgent corrective action, solution to extend safety practices and procedures in related facilities are identified along the audit execution on different onsite employees. In this way, Apple achieves manufacturing standards for advancing safety and health over the supply chain. The Apple has complied the Supplier Code of Conduct required for providing healthy and safe working environment, fine labor hiring practices, treating workers with respect and dignity, and behaving environmentally responsible manufacturing practices. The code covers the areas such as Human and Labor Rights, Environmental Impact, Safety and Health and Ethical and Managerial Commitment. In order to maintain the industry standard or Supplier Code of Conduct, Apple has consistently focusing on socially responsive manufacturing. Apple collaborates with internationally accredited experts for identifying production processes which can improve to produce supplier facilities safer. Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) certified the Apple’s Supplier Code of Conducts. EICC is an organization founded in 2004 for promoting code of conduct of electronics and ICT industry. The EICC code was developed according to internationally accredited norm from the United...
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