Apple's Communication

Topics: Apple Inc., IPhone, Steve Jobs Pages: 11 (2991 words) Published: November 16, 2010

• Executive Summary----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2 • Introduction--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2

1. What is Apple?-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4

2. Apple Inc. External Communication
a. Survey Monkey Results Analysis---------------------------------------------------------------------6 b. Phone call and Letters from Apple Analysis---------------------------------------------------------7 c. Advertisement Analysis--------------------------------------------------------------------------------9 d. Apple store staff interview Analysis (External)-----------------------------------------------------9 i. Store Observation (External)----------------------------------------------------------------10

3. Apple Inc. Internal Communication
a. Apple store staff interview Analysis (Internal)----------------------------------------------------10 b. Store Observation (Internal)--------------------------------------------------------------------------11

4. Conclusion---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------11

5. Appendix-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------12 a. Primary Research A( results summary)-------------------------------------12 b. Primary Research B(Apple store staff interview summary)--------------------------------------17 c. All secondary sources---------------------------------------------------------------------------------17

Executive Summary

We tried to find Apple’s success through their business communication. As you know, Apple is one of the most successful companies all over the world. They offer to iPod, iPhone, iPad, MacBook and so on, and many customers like them. To find their success, we focused on their external and internal communication by doing SurveyMonkey, Apple’s letter analysis and Apple store staff interview. First, we surveyed Apple customers who are using apple products on SurveyMonkey ( to understand that what they think about Apple, what they feel about Apple store staff members etc. We collected 30 customers answer from October 19th to October 23th, 2010. Second, we tried to analyze phone call and letter from Apple. Example phone call and letter are concise and very friendly. You might be able to understand Apple’s culture and communication style. Also, we did Apple’s advertisement analysis, too. Finally, we went to an Apple store in San Francisco to interview with Apple staff members and to observe how they communicate with customers and another staff member. Through our report, you can know that what Apple customers think about Apple and roots of Apple’s communicate.


It is universally agreed that one of the world successful companies is Apple. What elements make Apple be world best company? If we ask this question to people, maybe they will say "Because of Apple's marketing strategy"; for example, from iPhone to iPad and MacBook. But in this report we want to focus on not Apple's marketing but Apple's communication ways. First, in terms of internal communication way, we are discovering how Apple communicates with customers who are visiting Apple and wanting to buy Apple products. Second, we try to find their external communication about how Apple staffs communicate with peers or their superior.

Purpose and Scope
The purpose of this report is to find out how Apple communicates with not only staffs and staffs but also staffs and customers. Through this project, we can figure it out what kind of communication ways has given them success. In this report, first, we will mention about Apple Inc.; company mission and...
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