Apple’s Make-vs.-Buy Decision

Topics: Economic surplus, Labor shortage, Recruitment Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: June 14, 2012
Apple’s Make-vs.-Buy Decision

Apple’s best approach regarding hiring employees for their top technology or engineering positions would be private employment agencies. Since there is a huge secrecy that surrounds Apple’s products, employment agents have the ability to bring in the right fit candidates for Apple’s top positions. In regards to Apple’s entry level positions, recruiting at Colleges and Universities would be an successful and inexpensive tactic. Apple is a company which will continuously stay on the leading edge in new technology ideas. Therefore, it is extremely important for Apple to stay fresh with new perspectives and ideas. With this being the case, Apple shouldn’t only source their talent from internal sources such as referrals or all internal promotions. Internal sourcing can show growth and have succession planning in any company, but it shouldn’t be Apple’s one and only source of growth because it may limit new ideas and innovations from coming to the table from external experiences. In order for Apple to draw interest from the best talent, Apple must have the best talent searching for the best talent. The recruiters must be savvy and knowledgeable about Apple products. An individual who applies for a position most likely has an in depth perception and understanding of Apple’s products and services. It’s critical that the behavior of the recruiter does not alter the image of Apple. Recruiters must give a realistic job expectation and preview of the position. Failure to do so can possibly lead to employee job dissatisfaction. The first way Apple can effectively plan for HR resources is by forecasting of labor demands and labor supply. By forecasting, it will detect prospective labor shortages or surpluses. This is important because it will allow Apple to identify if there’s some ability to shift some labor, add labor or cut labor. Once the labor is fully analyzed, the next phase is to set goals and strategic planning....
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