Appie Case

Topics: Supermarket, Grocery store, Hypermarket Pages: 4 (687 words) Published: April 11, 2011
Business Research

Appie Case

January 13, 2011

Appie is a retail chain that owns four supermarkets in Tilburg. These include two conventional supermarkets (the Appie stores), a convenience supermarket (Appie-To-Go) and a hypermarket (Appie-XL). Recently, the manager responsible for the Tilburg Appie supermarkets hired a market research agency to learn more about his customers. This agency held in total 110 surveys with Appie customers in Tilburg. These interviews were held outside the Appie supermarkets with customers leaving the store. Data was collected on respondent demographics, grocery-shopping behaviour and characteristics of the recent shopping trip. An overview of the collected data can be found in Table 1 in Appendix I. The corresponding data for all 110 subjects can be found in the SPSS file appie.sav.

The most important questions that Appie’s manager had for the research agency were the following (assume a 95% confidence interval and distinguish between one-tailed and two-tailed tests):

1. Is there a relationship between gender and being responsible for the grocery shopping? 2. Do people under time pressure stay shorter in my stores?
3. Is the reduction customers receive due to Appie's bonuscard and discounts significantly higher than 1 euro? 4. Is the number of items people buy independent from the type of Appie they go to? 5. Do people going to the Appie-To-Go spend less time in the store than those going to one of the other Appie supermarkets? 6. Do people that are responsible for the grocery shopping in their household visit a supermarket more often than those who are not? 7. Does the average amount people spend in the Appie supermarkets equal 15 euro? 8. Do people that stay longer in the store spend more during their shopping visit? You are asked with the data available in appie.sav to give an answer to the questions above. You should summarize the answers to these questions using the template in Table 2 in Appendix II on page 4....
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