Apperal Suuply Chain in Sri Lanka

Topics: Management, Supply chain management, Logistics Pages: 1 (299 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Sri Lanka is a developing country with an open economy. Sri Lanka's economic progress has been quite satisfactory in last 30 years. In Sri Lanka apparel industry is one of most important contributor to the country’s economy with the largest GDP and foreign exchange earnings. Garment industry provides the single largest employment to the country, which provides more than one million of direct and indirect employments. Sri Lanka is currently facing a huge competition with other larger scale competitors such as china and India and cost competitive countries such as Bangladesh and India. In last decade logistics and supply chain management have embarked as key business concern. Supply chain management has become key aspects of business strategy. Organization identifies supply chain as network where the network comprises of independent and interdependent entities. In apparel industry we can identify a complex supply chain with large no of suppliers. For successful supply chain management identification of supplier need is very important. Once organization understands the key expectations of suppliers it can align the supply chain strategy to meet the mutual expectations. There is no evident for a similar research done in order to understand the expectation of suppliers in the apparel industry. This research is conducted to understand the key expectations of the suppliers in the apparel industry of Sri Lanka. First the study was focused on relevant supply chain management theory and then discuss about the finding of the survey. Survey data would be further analyzed based on the supplier size and country of the supplier. It discusses important aspects to consider when building up a responsive supply chain with each supplier category. Survey findings can be used as a management tool for a company to improve and further develop its internal and external processes within its supply chain.
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