Appendix H Eth 125

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  • Published : October 26, 2012
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University of Phoenix Material

Appendix H

Search the Internet for information related to the following:

• Women’s rights organizations
• Equality organizations
• Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) rights organizations

Note. You may also refer to the Internet Resource Directory of Racial and Ethnic Groups.

Complete the following table related to your search:

|Site |Image |Thoughts | | |[pic] |I believe that the equal opportunity employment | | | |law is the reason that some people, such as, | | | |people of color and people or LGBT community have| | | |jobs because companies cannot discriminate | | | |against them because of their skin color or | | | |sexual orientation, etc. | | |[pic] |I believe that the picture says what I feel. I | | | |believe that we women can be as healthy as we | | | |want and we can do anything that a man can do and| | | |quite possibly do it better than a man can. |

Go to the Wordle website . Click on Create Your Own. Create a Wordle using the text in the thoughts...
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