Appendix E Hca 240

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  • Published : May 24, 2012
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Appendix E

For this assignment, complete this chart to create an easy-to-read reference that will help you understand how the two forms of diabetes mellitus differ. Maintaining proper levels of insulin is critical for diabetes patients. The means by which insulin can be regulated depends upon which type of diabetes a patient has.

Complete the chart with a 25- to 50-word response for each box.

|Form of diabetes |Age of onset |Defects in insulin and effects on glucose |Risk factors |Prevention and treatment | | | |metabolism | | | |Type I: Insulin-dependent diabetes |Usually prior |Type I diabetes is characterized by an |There are not many known risk factors for |At the present time there is no actual way to| |mellitus |to age 30 |absolute insulin deficiency and often results|type I diabetes, but some are thought to |prevent type I diabetes. Patients with type I| | | |from autoimmune destruction of the |trigger it. A family history, anyone with a |diabetes require continuous insulin | | | |insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreas.|parent or sibling has an increased risk, |supplementation and glucose monitoring to | | | |The immune system attacks and destroys beta |genetics, geography, type I diabetes seems to|sustain life (Zelman, Tompary, Raymond, | | | |cells. Once 80% or more of beta cell function|increase as you travel away from the equator,|Holdaway, & Mulvihill, 2010)....
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