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Appendix B Supply Chain

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Appendix B Supply Chain

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Appendix B

Picture the Supply Chain

Complete the chart below by outlining the digital content supply chain at Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Upstream Component(sourcing/procurement)| Internal Component(packing/assemblymanufacturing)| Downstream Component(distribution)| Upstream- inquires improving/re-evaluating the purchasing activities of a company negotiations of products, services etc. with suppliersDigital Cameras are used for video productions which are leased by other companies.Hewlett-Packard is a new main supplier to Warner Bros. They offer hardware and software services to the company. HP specifically designed a high intelligent storage platform for Warner Bros to accommodate Warner Bros high speed connection demands for streaming.Film production is sourced to others like Home Entertainment Group, DC Entertainment family, and Take Two Interactive.Technology advancements have created new opportunities for Warner Bros to expand production possibilities.| DVDHD BLU-RAYVIDEO ON DEMANDAPPLE I-TUNES| Major markets to smaller onesFed-ExCourier ServiceWarner Bros. created a website that enables the consumer to create characters and download interactive content.What use to take 30-40 weeks between film release to public consumers is nowElectronic delivery through existing digital platforms. Warner Bros digitalized more than 6,000 motion pictures.|

Choose one of these components and make a recommendation for an improvement to that area of the supply chain. Explain your reasoning for the change.

Warner Bros is very reliant on Hewlett Packard in regards to the technology advancements, and thought the company is great, profitable, and carries a large impact on the consumers. Warner Bros could create more of an empire and do the upstream, down-streaming and distribution themselves and though it may take a large initial investment for the company to make it available,...

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