Appendicitis: Inflammation and Single Abdominal Incision

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  • Published : April 13, 2008
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“The appendix. Now what is this is little closed ended tube at the end of our cecum? Does it serve any function whatsoever? The answer is that scientists have been stumped at what essential purpose the appendix has. Just because we can live without it does not mean that it can't cause problems.

Appendicitis is a condition where your appendix becomes inflamed and filled with pus. Appendicitis is a condition, that once found requires immediate surgery. If this is not treated quickly, your appendix will eventually burst, spilling poisonous material into your abdominal cavity. A condition called peritonitis, a serious swelling of your abdominal cavity's lining due to the poisonous material which was spread will be fatal unless treated promptly with very strong antibiotics. Another form of appendicitis, which is called an “abscessed appendix” is where a pus filled abscess ( an infection which is isolated from the rest of the body) forms outside the swollen appendix. Then scar tissue forms around the appendix preventing it from spreading any sort of infection to the abdominal cavity. An abscessed appendix is not as serious as a normal case of appendicitis but in order to determine if you do indeed have appendicitis or just an abscessed appendix requires surgery. This is why all cases to do with appendix's are considered emergencies and treated without delay. On average in Canada, 1 in 15 people will develop Appendicitis. It can happen at any age, it is rare under the age of two, and happens most of the time to people between ages ten and thirty.

Though the causes of appendicitis are not always clear, they are sometimes the result of two things: and obstruction, or an infection. An obstruction may occur when food waster or a hard piece of fecal stool can become trapped in an orifice or the cavity that the runs the length of your appendix and colon. An infection may occur when you get a gastrointestinal viral infection, or it can come of other...
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