Appeasement(Wrong Oh so Wrong)

Topics: Adolf Hitler, League of Nations, World War I Pages: 3 (1260 words) Published: March 15, 2013
As the League of Nations crumbled, bringing with it collective security politicians turned to a new way to keep peace, this was appeasement. Appeasement is a policy of making concessions and reaching compromises with fascist dictators in an attempt to preserve peace, the collapse of collective security was a major factor why appeasement was adopted. There was no organisation and for peace to be kept there would have to be order within a policy. It is necessary to look at other main reasons such as; the rise of dictatorships, Hitler and Mussolini being the most crucial, economic concerns about the effect of the wall street crash and war debts, the attitudes towards the Paris Peace Settlement, concerns over the British Empire, military weakness, the fear of communism and the lack of reliable allies. After World War One there was an almost universal desire for lasting peace. Ten million people had died in the war, full towns and cities were destroyed by bombers and those who survived were left traumatised. The population were physically and emotionally wounded, everyone wanted to find a policy to make sure these horrors would never repeated. After the Versailles Treaty was signed in 1919 Woodrow Wilson, President of the United States, shared his view that "another war will start in twenty years"- and he was right as World War Two started in 1939 - so as a result the treaty funded an intergovernmental organisation called the League of Nations. It's aim being to prevent war and settle disputes between countries. The league attempted to follow the idea of collective security which was a strategy in which a group of nations agreed not to invade each other and to defend each other against an attack from one of the others, if such an attack is made. The principal is that "an attack against one, is an attack against all". Wilson was mainly responsible for this idea, he stated "it is our duty to maintain that the safeguards which will see to it that the mothers of...
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