Topics: Adolf Hitler, World War II, Neville Chamberlain Pages: 4 (1626 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Appeasement Intro
WWII. Everyone knows it happened and who caused it. Everyone knows about Pearl Harbor, “Never forget”, but what really started the war? WWII way well underway by the time the United States entered the fight, yet people neglect to learn of the course of events that led the world into its second global war. Yes, Hitler’s conquest began with his invasion of Poland, but his intentions had been clear for years previous. Why, then, one might ask, was nothing done to stop him? To kill the weed before it grew? If it was evident that Germany’s Fuhrer had cruel intentions, why weren’t armies raised to counter him? The answer is that not everyone, most importantly not the man who had the power to, believed armies were necessary to stop Hitler. Neville Chamberlain, the Prime Minister of Great Britain at the time, saw Hitler as a greedy young boy, who wanted more than his own share of the pie. He decided that if he gave the boy a bit of that desired piece of pie, he would have his fill and be satisfied, and so he gave Czechoslovakia to Hitler in hopes of peace. But human nature leads us to be ever unsatisfied with what we are given. For a while the boy is content, but soon, he wants more, so in the night, he sneaks to the kitchen, and takes what he wishes to be his. In this case, the process of appeasement failed, and where it was supposed to prevent war, it simply delayed it. This, in retrospect, this failure to negotiate peace, created more than one turning point in history. While the practice of peacemaking through the fulfillment of a set of demands, formally known as appeasement, is often a condemned policy throughout history, it is relevant even in today’s world. Hitler’s 1939 invasion of Poland marked not just the dawn of war, but too, the dusk of appeasement. It had not done the job that was needed be done, and war broke out despite Britain’s concession to Germany’s demands. In the 40 years following, appeasement was used successfully on...
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