Appearances Are Deceptive

Topics: English-language films, Person, Lie Pages: 1 (346 words) Published: July 20, 2012
Appearances can be Deceptive
Meeting people for the first time we always tend on making a judgment based on their appearances. Appearances are really deceptive, The shimmering surface of a lake glowing in the evening sun, may inspire and be liked by us with its beauty. But hidden beneath its surface may be lying an ugly blanket of toxic waste. On the other hand, spilled waste of a tanker in the middle of an ocean can hide beneath it a beautiful life. Some people even judge someone to be intellectually inferior to themselves simply because they share another opinion. I do not agree with such thoughts, things are not always what they appear to be. The drunk sleeping on the sidewalk across the street may be an exhausted construction worker taking a afternoon nap. The stupid student may be a bright, but poor child that is too cought up with problems at home to focus on the words of his teacher. And the person that just stares and smiles at me when I ask him for directions may be a foreigner that doesn't understand the language and culture. But I digress, some individuals are gifted and talented with guile, deception, charm and charisma. They hide behind a mask, they might seem as the nicest person in the world, but they can also be the most dangerous people to encounter. They are the people who could be living next door to us, walking beside us on lunches, be your teachers and in some cases could be even related to us or in relationship with us. But their mask of normality is only superficial and beneath the charming face is a cold hearted individual utterly devoid of human kindness and emotional depth. The handsome and charming sociopaths, In most cases, sociopaths walk amongst us like the invisible man and it is only the small minority who give in to their twisted urges and commit barbaric acts of murder for their own amusement. Yet because sociopaths are so skilled at blending in, there are probably a great many who
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