Appeals Process

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An appeal can be loosely defined as the process in which you ask for a review of a sentence or verdict given by a judge, jury or even by a parole board. An offender is often given a certain amount of time to appeal a verdict or a decision handed down to them and a certain process to be followed in that appeal. Appeals take time, money, manpower and determination to file and see through. Many times within a sentencing, an offender is given a certain time to file an appeal within. If they don’t appeal a verdict or decision within 30-days for example, they must wait until the ‘next go-around’ so to speak. Many times a certain amount of time must be served before an appeal can be filed. This can be easily demonstrated in the process an inmate within a prison files an appeal. If he or she serves four-years of a 15-year sentence and files an appeal and follows the appropriate steps to do so, they can still experience the misfortune of having their appeal turned down. If that happens, they are often made to wait another year before they can file another appeal.

The decisions from these appeals can be returned fairly quickly or they can take anywhere from a day or two, to a week or more. In the case of a parole board hearing an inmate’s appeal, they often render a decision the same day and within an hour or two from the end of the hearing at the longest.

To relate a story, a very close friend of ours is serving time in a correctional facility in the state of Colorado, a sentence and a decision put him there that I firmly disbelieve. He has served six-years of a ten-year sentence and went before the parole board last November. His original sentence is Sexual Misconduct with a Minor. Again, this is a charge that I firmly disbelieve in relation to this specific person, but nonetheless he is serving it. His parole got denied and he filed an...
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