Appeal to Humanity

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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Appeal to humanity|
Jimmy Ready|

A short essay on my thoughts of southern identity.|

Through the passing weeks of this class we have discussed many topics dealing with the several issues of Southern culture. Topics from early antebellum days all the way up to the stereotyping success of Blue collar comedy. We have discussed wide spectrum of topics of Southern politics to Southern culture, southern rebellions to call and response from the north. The issue that I am writing about today is dealing with “boiler plate” of the real reason for the civil war. That topic is slavery and justifications of it by the south and the condemnations by the north. I know the popular response from most southerners from the middle 1800’s why the idea of succession was not a option but a path being forced upon them was “state’s rights”. Well one particular right they wanted to keep that was being threatened was the right to own slaves. The south used several resources to defend their right to own slaves. In a piece we read called Debates on Slavery the resources they used had examples of “slavery all over the world and in all ages of mankind. The Greeks, The Romans, plus sanctions given by France, England and other modern states” are examples of slavery over time. They used biblical references dealing with the Old Testament. Some southerners felt as if it might be wrong but it was necessary the need for a strong economic structure outweighed their guilt. The luxury of the north condemning slavery at the behest of the economic stronghold on agriculture was one the south didn’t have. In the Antebellum era of the south there were no factories or plants. The only way to make money was agriculture. Cotton farming was gold crop of the time and it was a hard way to make a living. Who was going to pick the fields if slaves were to be freed? Quotes from Fitzhugh’s Sociology for the south” states “we need never have white slaves in the...
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