Appeal on Violence in the Media

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  • Published : April 25, 2011
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In reading “Violent Media is Good for Kids”; by Gerard Jones, he doesn’t argue against the fact that some harm has come from violence in the media. However the author does convey the fact that he has first handedly seen the positive effects of well managed use of violence in different mediums. Mr. Jones has reinforced my view and opinion on violence in the media by informing me to the efforts of him and his colleague to help children use their natural feelings in a positive manner and find an enlightening outlet.

Gerard Jones is an author of comic books who also developed Power Play, a program for helping young people to find self-knowledge through combative storytelling. Mr. Jones is trying to convey to all of society that there is a place for violence in the media and our lives. Although at the same time it needs to be emancipated in a proper fashion and not feared.

As I aforementioned I feel the same way as the author and in that this article has been very eye opening. With well used ethos by causing imagery and relating to the readers inner child Gerald Jones convincingly explains how violence is a must in the healthy development of each and every child. For example, when Jones says, “My parents, not trusting the violent world of the late 1960’s, built a wall between me and the crudest elements of American pop culture.” We can all relate to this phrase. Then Jones goes on to say, “Then the Incredible Hulk smashed through it.” As a reader we relate to the time in our lives when we broke through our different walls and fears.

Jones is causing us to remember to our childhood heroes whether they be, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck chasing and shooting each other or The X-Men shooting laser out of their eyes. Whatever your background we have all had violence growing up.

Gerard doesn’t use many actual statistics although he does site his colleague and Dr. of Psychology Melanie Moore. He also sites stories from his research into children and violence...
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