Appeal Letter

Topics: Master's degree, Doctorate, Academic degree Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: November 14, 2010
Graduate Council
C/o Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs


I am ___________, with student number ########. I am writing this correspondence to appeal to you to reconsider my academic suspension and grant me another chance to complete my Master’s in Information Technology Management. Regrettably, while attending the summer semesters, I signed up for BUSN 5600 to prepare me for the sequential MBA. During BUSN 5600 I was unable to completely comprehend accounting due to me being an IT major and accounting is not my best subject. In addition inheriting a stubborn personality from my father, I was too ashamed to ask other classmates for assistance and to admit the following phrase “I do not know how to do it”. I was completely wrong for trying to complete a course that requires extra dedication due to my background while being required to meet a 50-55 hour week schedule from my employer. Resulting in falling behind in the necessary studying criteria to successfully pass exams.

Hence, I am appealing to you, through this letter to give me another chance to prove myself by re-assessing my academic suspension. If granted my request to remain as student at Webster University, I will commit myself to do the work consistently to prove that I am worthy of the chance you are giving me. I have communicated to my employer about my academic situation. They have insured me with the attached letter that they understand how important achieving a master degree is and will not require overtime when I am completing courses at Webster University. In addition, Allow one hour of study time every day and be available for questions or provide real life scenarios about course projects after work hours. I am now more aware of the rigors and demands of the program, thus I am more prepared to deal with them accordingly. And to ask for help if I find myself struggling with any of my subjects, either by hiring a tutor or asking assistance from my...
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