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  • Published : November 9, 2010
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July 16, 2010
College of Southern Nevada
6375 W. Charleston Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89146

To whom it may concern,
In May of 2007 I enrolled in ITT Technical Institute with every intention on graduating with an AAS in Computer Drafting and Design. I successfully completed my first semester with a 4.0GPA and perfect attendance. About 2 to 3 weeks into my second semester my mother became very ill unto death (September 16th, 2007). The demands from my mother’s illness took a major toll on me emotionally and I was unable to adequately focus on my academics. My mother was a single parent and I was an only child and because I lived with her and had no other means of residence I felt reluctant to stop attending school and start working.

In March of 2008 I enrolled in school (Academy of Healing Arts) while still working, in pursuit of a better career. I successfully completed their 7 month program and graduated with high honors and perfect attendance.

In the Fall of 2009 I thus decided to re-attend school full-time to continue and complete my education with CSN. When I attended CSN in the past (‘02-‘06) my focus was not solely on my education. That is why my attendance was so erratic. From 2006 to 2009 you can see a major difference in my mindset. I am 27 now, more mature, and determined to finish my last 2 semesters with CSN with the plan of transferring to a 4 year university to pursue both my bachelors and masters degree(s). I currently have a 3.53GPA and perfect attendance and hope that CSN will help me in my endeavors to complete my educational goals.

Thank you for your time and attention,

Laila P. Davis #C000438780
5248 Branch CT.
Las Vegas, NV 89110
(702) 410-0346/573-2341
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