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January 9, 2012
To whom this may concern,
Hello my name Vanesa Mattress, I am twenty-two years old, I have a eleven month old lovely son and I am studying to be an Medical assistant at Forrest Junior College. On behalf of this I am requesting to be reinstated to Forrest Junior College for this coming semester. I am currently on academic suspension for not meeting the maximum time frame for completion. There have been semesters that I haven’t tried my hardest to complete my courses as I should’ve been prepared. At Forrest Junior College, I have learned and experienced many roles as a student attending there and with this suspension on my hands, makes me feel that I didn’t do all I was liable to do for my success. This letter is to provide the reasons why I failed to do what was needed resulting me to be put on academic suspension and allowing me to tell what can be expected from me, so this matter won’t happen again.

First of all, the semester of Winter 2011, I was withdrawn from all my classes, because I was expecting my son in February 2011. When the semester was starting, I was asked to take a leave for the semester, because of my pregnancy. Instead, I went ahead and started the semester anyway; however, not thinking that I was going in the hospital then I ended up not being able to go to my classes as expected. Because of this decision I made to stay in school before I had my son, caused me to be withdrawn from all my classes for the semester.

Second, the semester of Summer 2011, I had failed all my classes by not attending them. After having my son, my body was still trying cope itself to having to care for a “c-section” and a newborn even though it was like at least a month or two after being at the hospital. I just really wasn’t applying myself like I should’ve been for the semester. I wasn’t ready to come back to school, but I didn’t want to get behind anymore than I was already. Also, in April, after my recovery weeks, I started a new job at...
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