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  • Published : April 30, 2013
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Hello Director Humbles,
My name is Kristina Jones, I am a first-year student here at the University of Iowa, and I am sending this email in order to appeal the decision of my Advantage Iowa Award. When I took my three placement tests I scored painfully low on Chemistry, average in Spanish, and I excelled in Math. I came with a major of undecided, but I had very serious hopes of becoming a double major in mechanical and industrial engineering. When I came here for orientation I was advised by my academic adviser, Oguz Poroy, that because of my math placement exam score I could skip multiple levels of math, and save money by taking the higher Engineering Single Variable Calculus class for five credit hours, and also be only three math classes away from finishing my requirement for my engineering majors. Hearing this I thought I had caught a break and that if I worked hard enough in this class maybe I could skip two of those math classes, and only need one more. So, I signed up for Calculus. Then, I was advised that I should take General Chemistry in this semester as well because my score was so low that I was required to take Courses in Common, and the class itself would be four credit hours, and the classes that I had to take with it would help to fill up my schedule, such as the College Transition and the lab. I was told that these classes would give me a good pallet of support, seeing as how I am terrified of Chemistry, and I have been ever since I was forced into AP Chemistry by my high school. I signed up for those. Then, I was told that I would need a language because my major required that I have four years of one language, so I chose Latin. I didn't know much about Latin, but in my mind it sounded like a really good idea. I felt like it would give me a chance at better understanding languages altogether. I thought this would be a really good idea because I had planned on studying abroad sometime in my future and I felt knowing a little bit of Latin would...
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