Apparent Facts Discovered Through Logical Inquiry

Topics: Sociology, Crime, Criminology Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: December 18, 2012
The crime control model reflects conservative values, while the due process model reflects liberal values. Crime control consists of the processing of defendant, the sentencing and punishment. Managing those who are incarcerated. This model emphasizes efficiency and is based on the view that the most important function of the criminal process is repression of criminal conduct. The due process model stresses the possibility of error in the stages leading to trail. It emphasizes the need to protect procedural rights even if this prevents the legal system from operating with maximum efficiency. Control theories in criminology are all about social control. Only those called containment or low-self-control theories have to do with individual psychology. Control theory has pretty much dominated the criminological landscape since 1969. It focuses upon a person's relationships to their agents of socialization, such as parents, teachers, preachers, coaches, scout leaders, or police officers. It studies how effective bonding with such authority figures translates into bonding with society, hence keeping people out of trouble with the law. Radical theories, also from the 1960s and 1970s, typically involve Marxist (referring to Karl Marx 1818-1883) critiques of capitalist society which allows things to exist like millions of billionaires and millionaires while the vast majority of people live in poverty or just get by. Such fundamental economic disparities reflect basic contradictions in the way work is organized into demoralizing, brutalizing, and oppressive conditions. Crime is seen as a reflection of class struggle, a kind of primitive rebellion with criminals behaving as rebels without a clue. Only through praxis (informed action based on theoretical understanding) will the new socialist society be formed and crime will go away. Psychological criminology has been around since 1914, and attempts to explain the consistent finding that there is an eight-point IQ...
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