Apparel Industry in India

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Report on Apparel Industry in India

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About CARE Research
CARE Research & Information Services is an independent division of CARE. CARE Research services a variety of business research needs with credible, high quality research and analysis on various facets of the Indian Economy and Industries. It provides an insightful input on industry performances by assessing trends and predicting their impact on the future. The research division has a two pronged objective of providing an in-house support to the ratings division as also high quality sectoral research to financial intermediaries, corporate, analysts, policy makers etc, as an aid to their decision making process. CARE Research draws its strengths from CARE’s decade long experience and in-depth understanding of the Indian economy/industries, use of rigorous analytical methods and its knowledge team. CARE Research has an in-house team of qualified, experienced analysts. CARE Research is committed to provide accurate, reliable research to its clients with consistent updates in timeframe. The research division is growing steadfastly, capturing new avenues apart from providing contemporary research and information covering various industries and Indian financial markets. CARE Research has established a network of primary and secondary sources, which enable the team of analysts to form unbiased opinions on industry segments. CARE Research has also developed different methodologies for forecasting the future demand-supply situation in a particular industry. These forecasts are deliberated with industry experts and then the methodologies for the same get validated and finalised. CARE Research offers both subscription-based reports as also customised reports on request by customers. The reports by CARE Research provide insightful data and analysis on various industry sectors and CARE’s outlook on the same. Customised Research: The rising level of volatility in complex markets with lots of opportunities to tap necessitates thorough understanding and guidance provided by a well known research firm. To address such needs CARE Research offers need-based solutions by completely checking the facts, market scenario, past trends, etc to help you realise your futuristic goals and transform your businesses. Customised Research involves business analysis and position in the market, financial analysis, and future outlook etc. It helps the clients to make better credit / investment decisions Industry Research: CARE Research is a leading provider of value research. Investors, bankers, analyst, etc use CARE Research sector reports for in-depth understanding of present situation, issues, outlook etc to arrive at opinion. The reports contain high quality data, trends, opinions and outlook. Further CARE Research also provides updates on quarterly /half-yearly review of issues/environment, updated information about the significant changes that occurred during the period along with review of outlook on the respective sectors. The services are today subscribed by vast number of clients. CARE Equi-Grade: It is an independent research on equities which would delve upon critical aspects like the fundamentals of the company and the valuation of its equity as analytically reviewed by CARE. CARE Equi-Grade would enable investors to make more informed decisions through its independent analysis and assessment.

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Report on Indian Apparel Industry



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