Apology Letter 2

Topics: Work ethic, Prince, Social class Pages: 3 (998 words) Published: May 5, 2011
January 21, 2011

Kim Jones
1234 Happy Pl.
Crown Point, IN 46307

Dear Mom:

As you have noticed, over the past year my grades have steadily fallen. I, like you, feel that a hasty recovery from this slump is in order. Some solutions to consider would be to decrease the time I spend on topics other than my schoolwork, becoming more motivated towards school in general, or dropping one of my more challenging classes. Although after taking the time to think things through, I have come to the conclusion that raising my work ethic in school would be the best solution.

A key contributor to my sub-par school performance is the fact that I tend to fall behind on my homework. Many times this happens because, admittedly, I take some days off school when I really should go. If I could drag myself to school everyday and not miss class I would receive all my homework on time, thus making it less likely that I fall behind in my classes. On a similar note, sleeping in through the first couple classes of my day has become somewhat of a habit. For example, I had ten absences to first hour in the first semester alone. I was actually in danger of having my parking privileges taken away, losing my credit for that class, or even being forced to face a judge in the “attendance court”. With college approaching fast, I simply cannot afford to have these types of things happening. In addition to everything, I believe that the root of most of my problems come from my laziness and lack of motivation. A non-lazy and motivated person would not let what happened to me happen to them. I need to somehow find a way to gain back my perseverance.

Seeing as I am in multiple classes that require a certain amount of dedication, focus on a daily basis in class is imperative. I oftentimes find myself chatting with other classmates during class rather than doing our assigned work or note taking during lecture. Chatting is okay, yet there are more productive ways to spend my...
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