Apollo Versus Dionysus

Topics: Apollo, Dionysus, Apollonian and Dionysian Pages: 3 (1206 words) Published: September 19, 2012
All throughout history societies have been composed of conservative and liberal forces. These forces have served as the creators and destroyers of many civilizations. The Greeks gave humanity two excellent personifications of these forces in the form of the gods Apollo and Dionysus. Each human is influenced by these Apollonian and Dionysian traits and for better or for worse each of us has a balanced or unbalanced amount of these traits. Early on, I was extremely slanted towards Apollo and only as time past and I gained more knowledge and experience did I realize that such an unbalanced ratio was oppressive. As I am now, I am much closer to achieving a true balance of the two. I see a healthy combination of these to be around 50/50 on an individual basis, but on a societal basis all ratios are needed to avoid the abhorred force of conformity. I would like to be about 5-10% more towards Dionysus, but considering how ridiculously Apollonian I once was, I am happy with 60/40.

As a small child I was plagued with a 95/5 Apollo to Dionysus ratio, this came as a result of rebelling against my parents. Though in many cases when a child rebels it is in favor of the free spirited Dionysus, but my parents were both raised with a horribly strict parent. The result was they had serious problems with authority of any kind and were generally Dionysian. So I did the opposite and turned myself into an extremely conservative child. At the time it seemed logical to respect all authority, follow norms and follow most rules regardless of the reasons for them. For example when I saw that other children often watched several hours of the Disney channel and ate fruit rollups daily, I immediately thought that I should do the same. Another result was introversion and this force above all else was the most oppressive. I recall birthday parties and other various times in which human social contact is expected during which I either sat there awkwardly or went away from the others and...
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