Apollo Case Study Questions

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  • Published : September 16, 2012
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The Apollo Group, Inc - University

1. What was the basic vision that guided the founding of The Apollo Group? How has that vision, now a company mission, changed in the first 25 years of the company?

2. How does Apollo view and assess the higher education market?

3. What are key elements of Apollo's business strategy?

4. What is Apollo's teaching/leaming model?

5. How do the structural components of Apollo's strategy/model match their target customers' needs? See paragraph 23-25

6. What is your assessment of the programs offered by UOP compared to traditional colleges and universities?

7. What appear to be the strengths, and strategic value, of the IPD services and the Financial College?

9. How is Apollo different in terms of faculty , admission standards, and accreditation from traditional schools?

10. How do Apollo students break down by degrees sought and age?

11. Evaluate Apollo's financial performance and position.

12. The UOP’s CEO indicates a plan to pursue a major focus on 18-21 year olds, new high school graduates, as one of the UOP’s key growth markets in the future. Is this consistent with its traditional focus and its underlying mission or is it a likely source of major difficulty at UOP down the road?

B. The Apollo Group CEO recently decided to plead no contest and pay a fine of almost $10 million to the U.S. Dept of Education to include changing the compensation program for its enrolment personnel to avoid further action against the UOP for its alleged inappropriate sales tactics and related compensation programs. How do you think this will effect the UOP and its image in the higher educational industry?
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