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  • Published : March 28, 2012
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Birth Of Apollo:
Zeus had an affair with a mortal named Leto. Hera finds out and sends the Python out to disturb her from having her baby on “terra firma.” Leto takes boat to the island of Delos. Artemis is born first and then Apollo. There’s a myth of what may have happened with Apollo as an infant. The myth states that only after a few days after Apollo was born, he killed the Python. Although Apollo was punished for this because the Python was the son of Gaia. He was forced into being King Admetus’s servant. Most Known For Being the God of:

Prophecy, Archery, Music, and Healing
Zeus and Leto (mortal)
Direct Sibling:
Artemis (twin sister)
Female Lovers:
Daphne, Leucothea, Marpessa, Castalia, Hecuba, Cassandra, and Coronis Male Lovers:
Hyacinth, Acantha, and Cyparissus
Mortal Offspring:
Rapaglia 2
Agreus, Amphiaraus, Amphissus, Amphithemis, Anios, Apis, Asclepius, Delphos, Doros, Dryops, Eleuther, Epidaurus, Eriopis, Erymanthus, Iamos, Ileus, Ismenos, Kentauros, Keos, Khairon, Kronos, Kyknos, Lapiths, Laodokos, Linos (1), Linos (2), Lykomedes, Lykoras, Melaneus, Miletos, Onkios, Phagros, Philammon, Philanderos, Phylakides, Polypoites, Pythaeus, Syros, Teneros, Tenes, and Zeuxippos. Divine Offspring:

Aristaios, Asclepius, Khariklo, Korybantes Samothrakiai, and Skylla.

Rapaglia 3
http://www.greek-gods-and-goddesses.com/greek-god-apollo.html http://www.read-legends-and-myths.com/myths-of-apollo.html
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