Apollo 11

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Apollo 11- Turning Point in History

Apollo 11 was a turning point not only in American history but also in human history. When Neil Armstrong took that first step on the moon in 1969, almost the whole world was sitting behind an old black-and-white TV watching the first step on the moon. Apollo 11 was a turning point in history for many reasons. First, putting a man on the moon put ideas that were impossible in to possible. Second, the Americans won the space race which made America a world leader in technology and made the citizens proud. Third, it changed not only the Americans perspective on space but the mankind perspective. Apollo 11 had also had political shifts, changes challenges and the American that opposed it.

Humans thought putting a man on the moon was impossible, on July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong said the famous words “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” He made ideas that were meant to be impossible to become impossible. Like taking a man to the moon and bringing them back safely was the biggest impossibility, Armstrong and his crew made this impossibility into a possibility. There were more lunar missions after Apollo 11, there was Apollo 12-17, where Apollo 13 had a accident. We also accomplished brining back soil and rocks from the moon to analyze back home. Humans accomplished putting things in the space like in the summer of 2009 there was new instruments installed on the Hubble the wide field camera was installed which will show us infrared pictures more clear, beautiful pictures. August 30, 2009 the first test flight of a rocket system penetrated through the Earth’s orbit. This rocket will show us if the later Ares projects will work. On October 9, 2009 LCROSS was a robotic spacecraft; the LCROSS mission was to explore the presence of water ice near a lunar polar. Another impossibility that turned into a possibility was in the fall of 2011 when NASA sent the mars rover in to space. Just last year NASA sent...
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