Apollo 11

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Chapter 1.

1. Aunt Polly finds out that Tom went swimming because Sidney points out that the thread on Tom's collar was black when Aunt Polly first sewed it with white thread.

2. The new boy bugs Tom so much because he is an impressing, well dressed boy. He was a "splendid marvel". When Tom looked at the boy and then himself, his outfit seemed shabby. Tom was mad at the fact that the boy was better than he was.

3. Aunt Polly is a wise old lady who, with her "state pair" of spectacles looked "perplexed". Aunt Polly has a soft and gentle heart. She has a soft spot for Tom. She is strict at times but also kind with a sense of humor. For example when Tom tricks her for another one of the many other times, she brakes into a gentle laugh and says "hang the boy cant i ever learn anything". She can also be very vulnerable at times. For example when Tom tricks he again by re-sewing his collar after going swimming, to make sure Aunt Polly didnt know he went swimming.

4. "Spare the rod and spoil the child" means to not to dicipline your child and to let it grow up to be a spoiled brat.

5. Some of the slang words used in chapter 1 are truck, lick, dander up, powerful warm, lam, and suck eggs.

Truck: The slang word truck means rubbish.
Lick: The slang word lick means to punish with a beating or to thrash. Dander up: The slang phrase dander up means to become annoyed or angry. Powerful warm: Powerful according to Mark Twain means very so. So the term powerful warm means very warm. Lam: The slang word lam means to beat up.

Suck eggs: "Suck eggs" means to learn to deal with and/or accept an uncomfortable situation.

Chapter 2.

1. 3 items that Tom had gotten from all the kids were, part of jew's harp, a brass doornob, and a spool cannon.

2. To mark Twain work consists of "whatever a body is obliged to do".

3. Some of the slang words used in chapter 2 are, bully, taw, gay, up a stump, honest injun, and shucks.

Bully: The slang word bully means good.

Taw: The slang word taw is a fancy marble used to shoot with, while playing marbles.

Gay: The slang word gay means merry or happy.

Up a stump: "Up a stump" means at a loss, embarassed, or perplexed.

Honest injun: Honest injun is a swear phrase used to swear someone to tell the truth.

Shucks: The slang word shucks is another mild swear.

Chapter 3.

1. Aunt Polly thinks that Tom is lieing when he tells her he is done with the whole fence. She was suprised to see that the fence was finished.

2. Tom got even with Sid for telling Aunt Polly about the black thread by telling on her when she dropped the sugar bowl.

3. Tom forgets about his love for Amy Lawrence when he sees a new girl with lovely little blue eyes and yellow hair in two long tails. It was like Amy Lawrence just vanished out of Tom's heart.

4. Tom's knuckles get rapped at suppertime because he tried stealing sugar from the sugar bowl right in front of Aunt Polly

5. Aunt Polly's concience bothered her because after Tom fessed that he really didnt break the sugar bowl and that Sid really did, after the fact that Aunt Polly hit him, she thought she was in the wrong. She also wanted to say something kind and loving but, she wouldnt because that would mean she would be confessing, that she had been in the wrong.

6. Tom imagined that he would get satifaction for being hit unfairly by Aunt Polly feeling sorry for hitting him when he really didnt do anything wrong. He imagined himself sick and ill and wondered if his aunt would comfort him or just turn away coldly. Tom knew that now that his Aunt Polly was in the wrong for hitting him, for something he did not do, that she was "on her knees" to him.

Chapter 4.

1. Mary bribes Tom into learning Bible verses for Sunday school by telling him she would give him something "ever so nice". When Tom did learn learn verses, Mary gave Tom a brand new "Barlow" knife.

2. Tom accumulates his "yellow...
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