Apocolypto Movie Review

Topics: Kill, Mesoamerica, William Hurt Pages: 1 (364 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Ryan Marrero
Mr. Gurian
Movie Review

The movie begins when you meet a small village in Mexico. The men are out hunting and get their kill when they notice something at the woods edge. Its a large group of people some hurt with lots of fear who say their village was destroyed and they are searching for a new beginning. They go back to their village and have jokes and fun. The next morning the main character Jaguar Paw awakes to a barking dog and when the dog stops barking he sees a group of outsiders. The village is ripped apart but before being captured Jaguar Paw has enough time to put his wife and child down a hole. They are taken to the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan. The women are sold while the men are set to be sacrificed. A few are killed until there is an eclipse right before Jaguar Paw is about to have his heart ripped out. This then sets a “gauntlet” like “game” where the remaining guys have to try and run away while being shot at by arrows with one man waiting at the end. After a few guys are killed Jaguar Paw kills the head Mayans son and this enrages the group who then chases after him. After chasing him and Jaguar Paw surviving every attempt to kill him he slowly picks off the group one by one some by luck of Jaguar and snake attack and some by poison arrow darts shot. This whole time his wife is still down in the whole with their son barely holding on. He finally kills all but two of the men but has two bad injuries. He runs to the beach when the two are memorized by the huge unbeknownst to them Spanish sails. Jaguar Paw then frees his wife, newborn, and his young son. They are then shown at the end starting a new beginning. I enjoyed this movie besides the subtitles. I also thought it showed to my knowledge a good account of what life was like in the time period. It was very informational without trying to be and answered questions books don't answer.
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