Apocalypto Essay

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  • Published : November 25, 2012
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Jayna Eckerson
Apocalypto Essay
Indiana State University

Apocalypto is a movie about a man name Jaguar Paw who is a part of a Mayan tribe. Jaguar Paw, his father and his other tribe mates were out hunting for food when they came across another tribe leader and his people were passing through their forest. The tribe leader told Jaguar Paw that their homes were invaded by men from a different tribe and warned him to look out for them. After the he told Jaguar Paw about the other tribe men, he was scared that they were coming to their tribe next. The next morning, Jaguar Paw was awoken by the dog which stopped barking and he became suspicious. Then he saw a tribe man running with a torch, so Jaguar Paw immediately woke his wife who is pregnant and his son so that can run for cover. After he put his family in a safe place, Jaguar Paw went to go help his tribe mates and father fight the invading men and women were also getting raped by these men. Jaguar Paw was held down to watch one of the tribe leaders kill his father. All the women and men in Jaguar Paw’s tribe were taken as prisoners. They made to walk miles with the other tribe members that Jaguar Paw saw the day before to another camp site. As they were walking, they ran into a little girl who they believed that she had a disease. When they denied her help, she cured them and said that they will be killed by a man in a jungle. Finally, they made it to the camp the women were sold as slaves and the men were to be scarified. But eventually, Jaguar Paw would be released from being scarified and he goes back to his homeland to save his family. External adornment was worn throughout Apocalypto such as paint and make-up, intrinsic, sartorial, and local. All the tribe members wore a lot of black for their paint and make-up. According to my course packet, black is meant for protection. Intrinsic adornments are shown through their accessories. Each tribe member has some type of intrinsic adornment such as...
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