Apocalypse of Nature

Topics: Romanticism, John Keats, Mary Shelley Pages: 4 (1430 words) Published: April 19, 2013

By the quality of his romanticism Byron is the most accessible among the romantic poets to the foreign readers. He was the first to influence the Europe, and had the widest action upon literature, He it is who best represents in literature the mal du siècle, probably the most common and general feature of international romanticism. At the very centre of being there is an element of morbidity; the inner life built up on the full indulgence of emotion and burning flames of uncontrollable passion that motivates ,generates and energizes his poetic genius. It would be hard to find a character of more energy than that of Byron; but he was never completely master of himself; his life and work offer us the picture of an essential duality. That wound, the pain of which he proudly parades throughout the world, is just the semi-pathological rupture of the issue of tendencies, which has served all connection between one part of himself and the other. His poem “Darkness” (1816) portrays a somber tone, a vision, where the poet has a frightful dream, foresees the future of human civilization where everything is destroyed and the earth goes through an apocalypse. The poem is the poet’s fear, his forecast to the human civilization about their atrocities they have done to their earth and it can be re- interpreted with an ecological approach to the poem. As the poet is a man speaking to the men, the poet alarms the knelling of the destruction of the environment, The Doom’s Day of the earth. Byron’s romanticism mingles here with a supernaturalism that evokes an infernal image in the poem “Darkness”.

In recent years a new approach to the study of British Romantic literature has fundamentally altered the kinds of questions posed by literary criticism, or simply ecocriticism, first came to prominence during late 1970. It explores the relation between literature and biological and physical environment and...
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