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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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English 1B
Essay Five:
The End of the World as we know It III
How do You Envision the End?

We have examined two end-of-the-world scenarios: global climate change and the moral and economic collapse of America. But don’t worry: there are plenty more! What is your take on the topic? Essay Five asks you to respond to the following issues:

What apocalyptic scenario do you envision on our horizon? Why do you envision that one rather than another possible one?

Or, if you don’t see any dangers of apocalypse in the near future, why not? Why don’t the many possible scenarios disturb you?

To aid you in developing your claims, you are required to make use of at least four sources. These may (but do not need to) include Eaarth by Bill McKibbon or America Alone by Mark Steyne. At least two of these sources must be print sources. Be sure to make at least one of them a substantial source—a book or a significant article. All sources must be cited and documented according to the MLA style.

Support your claims with good evidence! Go beyond the “sound-byte” approach.

This essay should be at least five pages long, typed and double spaced. A draft of this essay is due on Friday, March 15. The final draft is due on Wednesday, March 20 at 12:00 pm. Hard copies of Essay Five must be submitted at my office—HMNSS 2114. In addition, in order to receive credit for the assignment, an E-copy must be posted on Safe Assignment.

Joe Chavez
Eng 1B
Prof Jones
20 March 2013
A Bright End
In 1859, a massive coronal massive ejection caused massive fluctuations in the Earth’s magnetosphere. Only compasses and telegraphs were disrupted but a coronal mass ejection of that magnitude in this day in age would causes much more destruction. A massive coronal mass ejection in this day in age would destroy the satellites that orbit Earth, disrupt the magnetic field, and fry the world’s electronic grid and in that time period the world will not...
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