Apes Solar House Design

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APES Solar House Design

Active solar design-
Liquid-based active solar heating will be used in our house with flat-plate collectors. In the collector, water will absorb the solar heat. Then a circulating pump will move the fluid through the collector. Large volumes of liquid at a lower temperature will be used because to decrease heat loss and increase the efficiency of the system.

Heating and cooling-
Furnace and boilers have an annual fuel utilization efficiency of 95%-100%, which means 5% of energy in the fuel escapes at most. The boiler will heat water to a boil, and the hot water is circulated to heat exchangers to pass the thermal energy to the point where it is required. The furnace will heat the air directly and released to an area where thermal energy is needed. The opposite will happen when cold air is needed.

Solar water heating-
The house will use direct solar water heating by using pumps to circulate pressurized water throughout the collects. Our indirect system will be a drainback system. Pumps will push fluids through the collectors and heat exchangers will transfer the heat from the fluid to water.

Batt and rolls insulation will be used for our house. Fiberglass, mineral wool, plastic fibers, and natural fibers are needed to apply this do-it-yourself insulation technique. This method of insulation is cost friendly and fire-resistant. Batt and rolls insulation helps save energy by preventing heat transfer into or out of the house. The floor will be black tile covering the batt and roll insulation, which will provide heat during the day and coolness at night. The roof and walls will have the same insulation, and the thick barrier will prevent heat or cold from escaping.

Our house will specifically have awning windows. These windows are hinged at the top and open outwards; this allows less air to leak due to the sash pressing against the frame. This design has more effective ventilation and is known for...
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