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PwC’s 2012 APEC CEO Survey

Addressing challenges Expanding possibilities


Andrey Kostin Chairman APEC CEO Summit 2012

Events over the past few years have been deeply challenging for businesses not only in Europe and North America, but also across the Asia Pacific region. Many of us are now focused on how we can make our own organizations respond with a new kind of resilience—injecting innovation and flexibility—to succeed through disruptions taking place across our markets. Yet, we are also reminded of how interdependent our businesses have become. We know that choosing between commercial integration and regional isolation from the rest of the world is really no longer an option for businesses and governments alike. And, fundamentally, I believe most of us understand our responsibility to contribute to ensure effective cooperation. When we think of how many technological advances and societal shifts have taken place in our lifetimes that allow businesses to better connect—and that today, we’re real-time, all-the-time around the globe—we can be forgiven for assuming that the trend toward productive interactions will roll ahead on its own momentum. It won’t. The future of regional growth needs to be shepherded by a common sense of purpose. That is why organizations like APEC are so important. The APEC CEO Summits are a proven forum for state and business leaders to find solutions through open dialogue. PwC’s report, building on a survey of more than 370 business leaders and interviews from across the region, confirms the necessity of regional cooperation for our companies’ futures. As APEC’s host economy in 2012, we are delighted to welcome you to Russia, and I look forward to meeting with you.

About this report
Dennis Nally Chairman PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited

Over the years, PwC has been fortunate to survey business leaders from across the APEC economies to capture their insights into the forces changing our world and their business growth strategies. Clearly, the opportunities across this dynamic region are many. CEOs are growing more comfortable with how massive computing power in the hands of anyone with a smartphone and an idea is creating new ways of doing business. And just as emerging technologies challenge traditional business models, so too are CEOs facing a new world of risk—each with a scenario potentially disrupting long-standing supply chain configurations. In fact, among the more striking findings this year is that one in four businesses are adopting forms of renewable energy to generate their own power over the next 3–5 years. But perhaps the biggest impediment to expanding in this increasingly complex environment is the talent shortage. We asked CEOs about the solutions they are pursuing to find and retain the skilled people needed to drive their ambitious growth agenda. This year PwC surveyed more than 370 business leaders, representing all 21 APEC economies. We grouped their overall responses into the following ten questions: • How confident are CEOs in prospects for their companies? • What are the top-tier risks to business growth? • What are CEO investment priorities? • What are CEO solutions to intensifying skills shortages? • What new actions are CEOs taking for a new world of risk? • Where are the bottlenecks in infrastructures? • How are CEOs responding to resource constraints? • Where are the critical technology and innovation gaps? • How has the Eurozone crisis impacted integration trends in APEC? • What are CEO priorities for APEC to work on? I want to thank all who participated in the Survey, particularly the business leaders who took the time from their busy schedules to sit down with us. Their insights greatly informed our report. You can find the report on www.pwc.com, along with video interviews. I hope this report will advance productive dialogue between the business and government participants in APEC—and beyond.

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