Apacolypto Critique

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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“Resting fathers, fly me your strength”. However, strength isn’t all you are going to need when you watch the action packed adventure of Mel Gibson’s creation, Apocalypto starring Rudy Youngblood as the main character, Jaguar Paw. The story follows Jaguar paw, a peaceful hunter from a remote forest tribe, whose life is about to be changed forever. When Jaguar Paws village is raided and he is prepared as a sacrifice that the Mayan gods have demanded, the hunter is forced to maneuver a ghastly new world of fear and brutality. I have seen this movie almost a year ago on TV and I am convinced none could have portrayed it better. The films’ actors’ success in interpreting their characters was a major factor in the films awards and a factor in the success of the movie. Rudy Youngblood, along with Gerardo Taracena and Israel Contreras worked very well together in giving the movie an extreme sense of exhilaration. I thought all the actors were quite convincing with their emotions of anger or sadness and even delight, as if they were really living in that time period. During the scenes of the sacrifices, I began to realize that these scenes weren’t just made up, but that these actual events of sacrifice happened. This movie set in the jungle of Mexico, and these locations were depicted realistically. This film mostly covered the decline of the Mayan empire. Along with the accuracy of the time frame, weapons, clothes, monumental architecture etc. were also shown as much accuracy as well. The clothes I believe were very well presented, along with the weapons. I believe all the actors did a fantastic job, even down to the children. The plot of him running through the forest was just a little too slow. The story had a good story line that correctly climaxed and resolved itself. If the movie were done right now, there would not be much of a difference besides the actors and the special effects. This film was loosely based on the last years of the Mayans when...
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