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Self-disclosure Computer-mediated communication Internet relationship

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This paper explores four published articles that report on results from research conducted on online (Internet) and offline (non-Internet) relationships and their relationship to computer-mediated communication (CMC). The articles, however, vary in their definitions and uses of CMC. Butler and Kraut (2002) suggest that face-to-face (FtF) interactions are more effective than CMC, defined and used as “email,” in creating feelings of closeness or intimacy. Other articles define CMC differently and, therefore, offer different results. This paper examines Cummings, Butler, and Kraut’s (2002) research in relation to three other research articles to suggest that all forms of CMC should be studied in order to fully understand how CMC influences online and offline relationships. Keywords: computer-mediated communication, face-to-face communication The word “Abstract” should be centered and typed in 12 point Times New Roman. Do not indent the first line of the abstract paragraph. All other paragraphs in the paper should be indented. The abstract is a brief summary of the paper, allowing readers to quickly review the main points and purpose of the paper. The abstract should be between 150-250 words. Abbre- viations and acronyms used in the paper should be defined in the abstract. 

The title should be centered on the page, typed in 12- point Times New Roman Font. It should not be bolded, underlined, or italicized. The introduc- tion presents the problem that the paper addresses. See the OWL resources on introduc- tions: http://owl.en glish.purdue.e du/owl/resou rce/724/01/ VARYING DEFINITIONS OF ONLINE COMMUNICATION 3 Varying Definitions of Online Communication and Their Effects on Relationship Research

Numerous studies have been conducted on various facets of Internet relationships, focusing on the levels of intimacy,...
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