APA Requirements: Formatting Instructions

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  • Published : September 27, 2010
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APA Requirements:
It is important that you format your work in APA. Formatting includes the following:
                    Do not use the center tab, everything should be left justified.
                    1 inch margins on all 4 sides of your paper.
                    Paper must be double-spaced and paragraphs are indented 5 spaces.
                    Do not double return between paragraphs.
                    An abstract is not needed for an APA paper unless you are writing your doctoral thesis. 8)
                    Title page must include the header/page number in the upper right corner (title/page 1). If your title is more than 4 words, only use the last 2 with the page number.
o       It is here that you would use the center tab.
o       Course name.
o       Title of assignment.
o       Date.
o       Your name.
                    References:
o       Many of you submitted information that was taken directly from the text book however you did not include a reference at the end of your assignment.
o       This is considered plagiarism.
o       The second and remaining lines are indented 5 spaces.
o       If you are not sure how to cite a reference, please follow the guidelines in the Writing Style Handbook at the Center for Writing Excellence.

I know that you have been exposed to APA due to Communications classes that you have taken. If you are unsure, there is a sample copy of an APA paper at the Center for Writing Excellence.  Also check out Riverpoint. It will help you in formatting your papers. It is important that your work is free of grammar and spelling errors. I know that all of us (including myself) have them from time to time. However as a teacher, you will be communicating with fellow teachers, principals, administrators, and most importantly parents. As I stated on the rubric, "You are only given one chance to make a first impression." You want that impression to always be one of...
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