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Topics: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Schizotypal personality disorder, Schizophrenia Pages: 4 (1197 words) Published: April 12, 2012
The Mad Hatter is the infamous character from Alice in wonderland. Using the muti-axis diagnosis as provided by the DSM-IV I will discuss and Diagnose this character pun intended. The only thing in this paper that will be neglected is Axis V which would require a face to face professional therapy session (APA 2000). To accurately diagnose the Mad Hatter it is essential to review his past in combination with his current symptoms. After carefully examining and giving a diagnosis to the Mad Hatter I will provide what I believe will be the best treatment for the individual in respect with the DSM.

To say the Mad Hatter is just an interesting character is an understatement. The original Mad Hatter is seen as a bouncing ball of energy with a strange body shape and some quirky obsessions. The Mad Hatter is infatuated with tea which plays a big part in his characters role. In his first role the Mad Hatter and his equally eccentric friend the hare have some intriguing rituals involving tea and what they call un-birthdays. In the Hatters second role which takes place roughly a decade later we are introduced into a radically different character. This change in personality has been brought about by the nasty white queen and the red queens’ battle for power. This “traumatic event” has altered the once happy characters drastically. The continuous battle in wonderland had created fearful environment for all. The Hatter has lost his euphoric persona and is a shell of what he once was. He is now a stoic, disheveled and somewhat disturbed man. His obsession with tea no longer brings pleasure to him to the point where he won’t even brew a cup. Also his passion for hats has completely evaporated. The Hatter is in a state of psychosis and has lost touch with reality. The hatter displays classic symptoms of psychological distress. He exhibits hallucinations as well as delusions. He has very disorganized thinking, which manifests into diverse ways of speaking. The Hatter is a sad...
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