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Eurocamp Travel

What are the differences between the first ‘top-down’ attempt, and the second attempt at establishing a quality initiative?

There are two important points about this case. Firstly that Eurocamp recognised one of the important aspects of a TQM approach, that all parts of an organisation have a role to play in ensuring high quality. Second, like many organisations they try differing initiatives to improve quality, some work and some don’t. This in itself can undermine TQM initiatives. TQM has itself to be done right first time too.

The key differences between the first attempt and second attempt are as follows:

| First attempt| Second attempt|
| | |
Leadership| Used a consultant| Company-led|
Overseen by| Senior managers| Departments|
Team composition| Senior managers| All grades of employees| Team selection| Selected| Voluntary|
Training| Used trained teams| Used trained facilitators| Understanding of processes| Little| Great|
Focus| ‘Important’ projects| Internal processes|
Approach| ‘top-down’| ‘bottom-up’|
Sustainability| Momentum not sustained| High level enthusiasm| Success| unsuccessful| successful|

What do you think are the main advantages and problems with the more participative approach?

The Advantages is involved all employees,included the people who knew most about the processes,it is in the interest of those employees to have the internal process problems resolved,non-threatening and inclusive and sustainable and successful

The main problems may not be solvable by ‘low level’ teams,employees will be demoralized if changes do not take place,spending time on the projects will reduce the time spent on actual jobs, employees may choose to work on inappropriate or unimportant issues.
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