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  • Published : December 11, 2013
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Throughout history many civilizations have come and gone. Many of them have contributed to the world today, some more than others. There are basic parts of early societies that we see most, if not all, have. These basic parts include: political structure, economic activities, social developments, and religion. These can be in so many societies; three of them are Mesopotamia, Egypt, and the Indus River Valley. These parts of society were seen in Mesopotamia. Economic activities were a large part of Mesopotamia. They were using bronze to make weapons, and then started using iron. They had plows, wheels, and irrigation which helped with agriculture and trade. Also to help trade to the Indus Valley they had ships. Within society they had specialization of labor. Next, the political structure in Mesopotamia was a Monarchical society. Social classes were developed; starting at top were nobles and priests, then came commoners, and last were the slaves. Religious beliefs in this society brought about a Patriarchy. Woman wore a veil over their face, and men were in charge. Mesopotamia had some great achievements. They had the first writing, Astronomy, Math, and Literature. Hammurabi produced written law.

Another early society that shows the parts of society is Egypt. Economic activities played a huge part in this society. They had iron weapons and tools; also there was specialization of labor and trade to the forest people. The wealthy men went to schools and became scribes. Egypt also had political structure using social classes. At the top was the Pharaoh, second was the professional bureaucracy, third was the poor peasants, and last were the slaves. Within Religion most of Egyptian life was focused on death. Pyramids were built for Pharaohs so they could keep coming back. They believed in life after death and mummification.

They believed in many gods and those were influenced by the agricultural cycle. Egyptians were known for some of...
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