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Apa Guidelines - Guide to Form and Style

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Apa Guidelines - Guide to Form and Style

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Developed by Eileen E. Morrison, EdD, MPH, LPC, CHES

This Guide is dedicated to my seventh grade English teacher, Prudent Clark. She taught me to be a writer.

©January, 2011

Can you imagine how crazy your life would be if every one of your professors asked you to prepare papers in a completely different format? Can you imagine having to guess what format was acceptable? You would have a writer’s meltdown by the end of the semester and probably tarnish your GPA. In order to prevent such a travesty, schools of health administration choose to have their students follow the same style manual for all written course work. The School of Health Administration at Texas State University-San Marcos uses the American Psychological Association (APA) Publication Manual (6th ed.).

I created this Guide to Form and Style to simplify your process for preparing quality papers, projects, and other work using the APA Manual. The Guide addresses many of the technical elements that are unique to student-generated documents. There is a glossary format to make it easier to find answers to your questions. This Guide also addresses the changes that are part of the latest edition of the APA Manual. For example, sentences now need two spaces after a period instead of one. This change is supposed to provide better clarity for documents.

Examples of points of style or format use a different typeface within the text for clarity. In addition, form and style areas used in papers and reports are included in this Guide for your convenience. The Guide also includes appendices with examples of forms and samples of citations. Since not every example of form and style can be included in this Guide, you may need to use the APA Manual as an additional reference in your written work for the more arcane references. I hope it will assist you in preparing technically sound work that will please your professors and honor your ideas. If you this...

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