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  • Published : April 18, 2012
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AP-2 Lab 02 – Lab ReportName:

Lab Report: Exercise 2: Blood

Purpose: Explain why you did this lab and what if any safety precautions needed to be followed. This lab was done to learn about blood on a micro and macroscopic level. There are safety concerns when using bodily fluids. Gloves were needed and caution with the use of the lancet was important, which included keeping it sterile.

Activity 1: Observing Your Own Blood

Observations: Sketch and describe what you saw on the prepared slide of human blood: White blood cells are a light pinkish color and clearer in the center. The doghnut shape was not easy to see but can be made out. The centers are clearer because there is less mass there. The white blood cells were dark and looked very similar to me.

Sketch and describe what you saw on the blood smear slide using your own blood: There were a lot less white blood cells on my slide of my own blood. The red blood cells also seems to be more grouped into certain sections. I'm curious if I cut my foot if that would increase the amount of white blood cells in circulatory rotation or would the increase in white blood cells only happen around the cut area of my foot. I think I may have to try this experiment next time a scrape something.


A.What are the components of blood? The main components include three types of cells (leukocytes, erythrocytes and platelets) and plasma.

B.List the five types of leukocytes and describe the function of each. Neutrophils comprise 60-70% of white blood cells. They are the first to respond to infection and move into tissues and phagocytize bacteria and foreign matter. They also secrete enzymes called lysozumes that destroy certain bacteria. Eosinophils comprise 2-4% of white blood cells. They enter tissues undergoing an allergic response. They reduce the inflammatory response by producing enzymes that destroy inflammatory chemicals, such as...
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