Ap World Similarities and Differences China and Rome

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Han China and Rome
The Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire both had a great influence not only on its people but the world as a whole. The two had similar and different methods of political control. Both ruled their people under a bureaucracy, they had civil servants to maintain their large empires, and their foundations were made of great and strong rulers. Aside from the similarities they also had several differences. Take China for example, they focused more on Confucianism and they had a Mandate of Heaven. Rome on the other hand used entertainment to distract and control the masses of its population. To begin with, both Imperial Rome and Han China were ruled under a bureaucracy. In Rome the emperor was the ultimate authority. The emperor relied on senators and other government officials on ruling the empire. The empire was administered by senates drawn from the plebeians and trusted former slaves. Augustus set up a civil service to help him manage government affairs. In the Han Dynasty the emperor was also the supreme power. He had help from the Three Councilors of State and The Nine Ministers in ruling China. Emperors from the Han Dynasty rewarded loyal followers with government posts. There was also another way for a position in government which was to evolve under the Han. Applicants were tested on their knowledge of Confucianism. Early Han emperors also employed some Confucius scholars as court advisers. Another example of the political method similarities of The Han Dynasty and Imperial Rome was that both had civil servants. Rome and China were large empires and one emperor wasn’t capable of maintaining stability within such a large empire, therefore they assigned civil servants. In Rome Augustus assigned civil servants from rich to poor. Their roles were to carry out day to day operations which would mean collecting taxes, managing grain supply, and the postal system. Anyone could be assigned as a civil servant by the emperor whether you’re a plebian or...
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