Ap World Notes. the Maritime Revolution to 1550.

Topics: Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: April 12, 2012
AP world notes.
The Maritime Revolution to 1550.
Ferdinand Magellan
* 1511-sailed from Europe around southern tip of Africa and east across Indian ocean * Member of first Portuguese expedition to explore east indies * 1521-goal was achieved by sailing across Atlantic rounding southern tip of South America and crossing pacific ocean * High price

* Killed in battle April 27, 1521 while aiding a local ruler who promised to become Christian * Very little resources- survivors burned the least seaworthy of 3 remaining ships * Transferred to Victoria (cont. westward across Indian ocean) * Sep. 8, 1522 return of Spain (Victoria)

* Century of daring voyages (Portuguese) opened new routes thru south Atlantic to Africa, brazil, rich trade of Indian ocean * Rival voyages (1492) opened new contacts with Americas
* Maritime revolution
* Maritime era= end of period which flow of historical influence moved east to west * B4 1500, maritime expansion from Asia
* Asia= powerful states and richest trading networks
* Proved disastrous for: Amerindians (suffered conquest, colonization, and rapid decline) * Mixed: Asians and Africans =: risks/ opportunities
Global Maritime Expansion Before 1450
* SHIPS= sturdy enough to survive heavy winds and waves, pilots learn to cross featureless expansions of water * In time ships sails and navigational techniques perfected. The Pacific Ocean

* Easternmost of Marquesas Islands reached in 400 C.E.
* Hawaiian islands-500 C.E.
* Bw 1100-1300 voyages from Tahiti brought poly. Settlers across 2000 nautical miles to Hawaii * New Zealand –settled 1200
* Easter island-2200 miles off coast of south America became outpost of poly culture a century later * Sweet potato became reg. in poly diet
* Scholars found evidence =limited Amerindian maritime contracts (Ecuador and Colombia) to northward to Mesoamerica Bw 300-900 CE * Languages all closely related
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