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A document that would show a Japanese elementary school from the 19th century to compare it to the normal school in doc. 2 would help in comparison of the documents. Also a western style elementary school from the 19th century that could show the similarities and differences from the Japanese school would help. Education was affected by the west in many ways in Japan. Documents 2,6 show this perfectly. This supports my thought that the West played a pivotal role in their development and modernization. In document 2, the picture of the normal school shows that schools were built in different prefectural areas.

This idea of prefects was taken From the French.
The western style roof and windows show
similarities in architecture also.
The view showing the normal school is focused on one wing of the building this maybe to show emphasis on the style of design. In document 6, the organization of the
stages of education was very similar to the western grades or schools. This document was also shows how education was effected over time.
The document is from 1860,
5 years after Commodore Perry
visits Japan,
from an American secretary on his view.
influenced Japanese education over time
west but it grew greater over time.
These 2 documents show how much the west
Japanese culture was largely affected by the
Japanese Culture was also affected by the west in many ways including style of clothes and architecture as shown in documents 4,7, and 8.
Document 4 showing the picture of the western
missionaries home shows that the similar style roof and pillar to western architecture. This picture still has Japanese aspects like the tree and windows of the building displaying that Japan still wasn't completely converted to western ways even

though it was about 40 years after Perry's visit.
7 of an artists print in 1905 shows a Japanese woman in western style clothing with a backdrop of a western style street with minor Japanese aspects.
Since the print was...
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