Ap World History: Migration Essay (Argentina and Brazil)

Topics: Japan, Population, Brazil Pages: 2 (704 words) Published: October 3, 2011
Jairo Burgos
AP World History
Migration: Italy to Argentina & Japan to Brazil
Foreigners and Immigrants throughout history have determined the future for most of today's countries; specially Brazil and Argentina. From the late 1800s to the present, immigrants from Japan and from Italy have shaped today's Brazil and Argentina. The causes and effects of migration from both of these countries weren't that different from each other; migrants from Japan and Italy were in a search for a better life, and these migrants built Argentina's and Brazil's present. Even though migration from Japan and Italy to Brazil and Argentina were very similar, they still had a significant difference; the location of the migrants settlements.

As the agricultural depression in Italy took place in the late 1870s, Italians started looking for new opportunities to make money. After analyzing their options they decided it was best for some to migrate to Argentina in search for a better future. Before the agricultural depression there were approximately 100,000 migrants from Italy to Argentina; while after and during this depression there were over 640,000 migrants. In the early 1900s cities in Japan were starting to overpopulate; therefore jobs were getting scarce, and most of the population was unemployed. Just like Italians, Japanese decided that it was best for some to migrate to Brazil. In the 1910s in Japan, cities were not overpopulated and most people had jobs so there were as little as 15,000 migrants to Brazil, but later in the 1920s when cities started to grow and jobs became scarce over 89,000 Japanese people migrated to Brazil. Migration in both, Argentina and Brazil, was heavily influenced by the poor conditions in Italy and Japan. Also, the people of Japan and Italy were in search for a sort of "American Dream" in Brazil and Argentina, but they soon realized that was going to be very hard to achieve. Japanese and Italians migrated to Brazil and Argentina with one same...
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